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PRO-ACC Platinum

PRO-ACC Platinum

Tried, Tested and True. Traditional Access Control Done Right!

Mid to Large Commercial Access Control

  Hartmann Controls PRO-ACC Platinum Access Control System consists of Door, Elevator and Input/Output controllers as well as Server and Client software. It is best suited for applications ranging from 20 card readers to 1000's of readers. No matter what size your system begins at PRO-ACC will never limit your growth.

  • Up to 100 Building control via TCP/IP Connectivity
  • 5,000+ Doors
  • 4,000+ Elevators
  • 10,240 Input and Output Points
  • 65,000 Cardholders
  • 255 Access Privilege Groups
  • 200 Time Zones
  • 30 Holidays
  • Each panel stores 2,000 events on board
  • System is fully distributed meaning panels run completely stand alone with the exception of Global Anti Pass Back and Global Linking which require the Server Software to be functioning.

The Hardware

The Software


  Supports up to 100 communication channels of any combination. For example you may have your panels connected via 1 to 100 USB ports or 1 to 100 TCP/IP modules or 1 to 100 Dial-up modems or any combination of each. This allows for incredible flexibility as each protocol has various benefits. For example RS422 allows for bus runs of up to 4000' with several panels daisy-chained on Belden 8723 (or equiv) cable, TCP/IP allows use of existing network topology while Dial-up allows connectivity to remote locations or sites that need extreme security. Best of all, our TCP/IP module allows one network drop to connect to multiple panels at a distance of up to 4000' per bus.

Card Holder Screen

PRO-ACC Platinum Kits

Several kits have been assembled to ease the purchasing process. Typically one Starter kit and a number of Expanders kits are purchased to fulfill your sites needs. If you are not using our standard readers, then kits are not needed and you simply purchase our controllers and software.

PRO-ACC Platinum Sales Literature

Please select appropriate document from below.

Hartmann Controls Sales Guide

This guide covers all features as well as includes cut sheets on hardware and peripherals.

Pro Acc Enterprise Brochure

This is a quick single page cut sheet on the PRO-ACC Enterprise line

Pro Acc Enterprise Hardware Feature Overview

This is a quick single overview of the hardware panel features.

Pro Acc Enterprise Software Feature

This is a quick overview of system features


Readers and Peripherals

The PRO-ACC Platinum platform is compatible with a wide variety of readers and peripherals. For More information please visit our Readers and Peripherals Page

If you have a question as to whether a specific reader, credential, REX or other device will work with our PRO-ACC Platinum system please Contact Us