Access Control In Hospital

Securing your Financial Facility

  Over the years Hartmann Controls has been trusted to control many financial facilities in many countries. We have years of experience ensuring municipalities get the security and features they expect from an enterprise class system.

  The Hartmann Controls Engineering team has spent years building the requirements for PROTECTOR.Net based on existing installations and user feedback. For this reason, the PROTECTOR.Net system has a number of features specifically geared towards larger institutions that many other systems do not. For example, there is virtually no limit in the number of buildings you can control or the number of users the system will support.

   You can configure your system to protect certain areas from visitors and allowing access only to authorized employees. You can define when doors or elevator floors should be locked or unlocked and when users can and can not enter areas, or create an unlimited number of group definitions for when and what doors/elevator floors users will be granted access.

  For instance the branch manager may have 24-hour access to the entire facility while front-line tellers may have access to an entirely different group of privileges. There is no limit to the number of schedules you can create and assign; this is much different then most other systems on the market and helps in significantly reducing administration complexity.

  • Configure start and stop date/times for users limiting the hours of access, particularly good for temporary visitors or contract employees
  • Create disposable codes to be used at Keypad / Prox readers eliminating the need for cards for every user
  • Configure particular doors with keypads allowing certain users to triple swipe at a reader and enter a code to perform almost any action to that door including changing the doors mode (eg: from locked to unlocked), and reset the wandering patient system, set off an alarm, etc.
  • Combine graphic cards with pop-up images to be presented visually on your mobile device or PC to verify the correct user is entering an area
  • Extend the access control to equipment so that only staff permitted may use costly equipment via our Input Output controllers
  • Control sensitive cabinets with wireless proximity locks, allowing you to use the same cards to grant access to doors and to open medical cabinets and monitor when and by whom the cabinets were opened
  • Allow users access to defined parking facilities seamlessly
  • Several modes of entry via simple drag and drop schedule setups; set doors for public mode, card only mode, card and PIN mode, PIN only mode or dual credential mode where a supervisor and a regular user must present card for entry
  • System administrator can assign sub-administrators via partitioning so they can access only their portion of the system

Monitoring your Facility

PROTECTOR.Net is a completely web-based product designed from the ground up for the IT world. We utilize only the latest most advanced technologies to provide lightning fast control of your system.

Control your system from any web-enabled device (eg: Apple/Windows PC, Android/Windows/Blackberry/iPhone tablet, phone...). We utilize responsive web views to provide administrators with the same experience no matter what device they choose to use to control their system. This means less training and review and an overall much better end user experience.

  • Fully partition your system by creating limited accounts for administrators and defining user roles that manage what aspects of the system they have access to and to what extent they have control.
  • Override single doors/elevators/control points or groups of devices with an easy to use control screen
  • In an emergency, use your predefined crisis modes to lock down your facility based on up to 16 predefined user levels at the press of the button. Define your crisis doors in such a way to allow exit but not entry.
  • Full reporting is available with output to screen, HTML or CSV.
  • Complete Administrator logs maintain before and after configuration on every change that was made on the system providing for accountability as well as helping in trouble-shooting should something accidentally be misconfigured.
  • Configure system to email administrators or security personnel for selected events on selected devices to allow for faster response to threats or issues.

System Configuration

PROTECTOR.Net provides incredible flexibility and control for your facility. Several field panels are available to control your doors and elevators as well as monitor inputs such as panic buttons or stairwell door positions. Control just about any device via output modules. Several connectivity options are available as well so you can hardwire your devices or connect via WiFi.

Hartmann Controls has partnered with many other vendors to help improve our offerings. One such partner is ASSA Abloy where we have done a direct integration to the Aperio group of products. This allows you to control doors wirelessly as well as wireless cabinet locks.

  • Several reader types to choose from such as proximity only, proximity/keypad combo readers, long range passive, long range active, long range RF readers and remotes for garage doors, biometric readers and many more.
  • Choose from several credential methods such as regular clamshell cards, graphic cards, keyfobs, PIN only.
  • Monitor stairways for door openings as well as what time of day to report opening or even go into alarm mode.
  • Interface with other systems via hardwired interconnection or via TCP/IP communication links.
  • Configure Anti-Passback areas where once a person has entered via a credential, the credential can not be used again until person exits area (helps prevent someone from using another persons credential).
  • Control parking gates and interface with third party gate controllers seamlessly.