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Access Control Panel Security - IP Access Control

Innovative Product

PROTECTOR.Net is based on years of software development combined with current Microsoft Technologies. Its all new patented hardware uses the latest chipsets for increased reliability and performance.

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Leader In Support

Hartmann Controls support staff are more than just inexperienced customer service reps picking up the phone; they are software developers and engineers who not only support but also work on new product features etc. Unlike our competitors, our staff know our products from the inside out providing unmatched support. This allows them to solve your problems faster, wasting less of your time and money.

Hartmann Controls generally does not directly deal with end users as we rely on our trained network of dealers and installers to service our products in the field. We do however place a strong emphasis on ensuring the users of our products are fully satisfied and confident in our products.


Built & Designed In North America

While other companies cut costs and quality by outsourcing, Hartmann Controls is dedicated to keeping everything in house. This provides outstanding control and workmanship in both our hardware and software. When you secure your premises with Hartmann, you know that your people and assets are protected by one of the top systems on the market.

Access Control Panel Security - IP Access Control

We believe our business succeeds when yours does.

Hartmann Controls has spent 18 years cultivating successful business relationships with our partners. We place a strong emphasis on supporting our direct dealer relationships and assisting you in supporting your clients.

But don't just take our word for it:

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