Dealer Support

  Hartmann Controls is committed to working closely with our partners and dealers ensuring that our dealers have the best manufacturer support throughout the entire process.

  We are there to help you during the quoting, and depending on location, may be available to provide onsite support. You will experience the best support the industry has to offer during installation and troubleshooting. Short to no wait times on support lines, direct communication with upper management, and a superior product all help to make your installation as pleasant and as profitable as possible.

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Custom Solutions

  Hartmann Controls offers a powerful combination of product development, engineering, and manufacturing expertise. These resources ensure the successful deployment of all our custom projects.

  At Hartmann Controls we approach every new design with fresh eyes to foster an innovative environment. We encourage out-of-the box thinking and take on every new challenge with great enthusiasm. Custom Engineering Solutions at Hartmann Controls means much more than conceptual design. The combined expertise and innovative power of our experts and our customers' create highly differentiated products that meet the market and financial goals of our customers.

  To find out more about our custom designs or to inquire about a design idea of your own, please contact Sales at (877) 411-0101 Ext 1


  Hartmann Controls offers in-depth training for dealers, installers and end-users to help get new installations properly configured and fully functional in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Dealers and installers who attend and complete our training certification program save time and money by having shorter installation time and presenting their customers with greater confidence regarding their investment.

  Our training program provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimally deploy and manage Hartmann Controls access control solutions ensuring the client's needs and expectations are fully met. Our trainers have many years of experience not only as instructors, but also directly in the field.

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